Music classes are created to encourage children’s fondness through songs, dance, movement games and with instruments.

Using different styles, our music clases help children exploring the powwer of rythm, melody, tone and rhythm while favourising their physical, social and intellectual skills.

Music 1 – From 6 to 14 months old.

Adopt a musical attitude in your family through instruments, singing, dancing, playing and more. Building a solid foundation of musical characteristics for every one.

Music 2 – From 14 to 26 months old.

Encourage development and love for music through singing, movement games and instruments. Discover melody and rhythm, building a set of happy songs of different music styles.

Music 3 – From 26 months old.

Help exploring the power of rhythm, melody, tones and rhythm when cultivating physical, social and intellectual development. Dancing and singing in a new musical style each months, including latin rhythms, Rock’n’Roll, classical music and more.

Music classes

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