Early stimulation and psychomotricity with music and physical challenges.

The objective of these activities is fomenting children’s development thorugh team games ang learning.

We encourage your childs growth at his/her own pace with sensorial games, problems solutions and imagination, promoting body and mind’s development.

Play & Learn Infants – From 2 to 12 months old

Explore the senses and feed the visual and hearing development playing upside down, with flashlights, first songs,…. Learn about cause and effect and stimulate strength through games with ramps, sledges and climbing. It includes meeting with parents to help understanding children’s development.

Play & Learn Toddlers - From 12 to 24 months old

Explore two-way communication. Game to discover the environment,  swinging and coordination while parents learn at the same time how to interact with children and how to communicate with them. Discover how the world works and it helps them becoming a competent person to solve problems through games, it helps establishing routines and frequencies.

Play & Learn Preschoolers – From 24 months old

Let the imagination fly away through creative games to strengthen symbolic thougths, language development and social interaction. Play independently and/or with partners to connect ideas in cooperation and communication.

Levels, games and development.

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